Open Source Imaging Tools

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Open Source Imaging Tools

In today’s world where everything comes at a cost the concept of freeware or open source software comes as a major boon considering the fact that it comes free of cost and most importantly it allows the user to experiment by means  of studying, changing and improving the software.  With improved cameras being easily available at affordable rates photography as a hobby is rising in popularity among the common masses. Therefore, it is natural that imaging software that helps edit, resize, and add effects to images are becoming increasingly popular. Let us look at some very useful open source imaging tools:


GNU Image Manipulation Program is a high-end graphics application that can give a run to Adobe Photoshop on any application concerning cropping, editing, resizing and converting between image formats.


A vector graphics application, which is compatible with almost all operating systems in addition to having multi-lingual support, particularly for complex scripts.


Another freeware, which provides a wide range of format conversion, image identification, with all popular features apart from the fact that it can be manipulated by programs in any programming language.


This is another powerful tool, which apart from providing a wide array of features is very easy to use.

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