Nucleus Web Hosting Features

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Nucleus Web Hosting Features


Before you plan to invest into the Nucleus Web Hosting, you should have a clear picture about it. Here are a few features which will help in doing so:


Main Features: With the help of the Nucleus Web hosting you can create one or more Weblogs. If you wish to show the contents of the multiple weblogs, you can show it in the same page itself.


Multiple Authors: Each and every weblog has its own group of authors. A few of the authors will have the posting rights, where as the others will not be allowed or don’t have rights to change the settings for the weblog.


Categories: You can create one or more categories within a weblog. Each content or item you put in your weblog will be added in one of these categories.


Built-in commenting system

The Nucleus web Hosting offers an in-built Commenting System and a karma-voting system, so there’s not necessary of the external commenting tools.


Fancy URLs

The Nucleus Web Hosting can give you the URLs optimized for both search engines and readers, only if your server supports.


Some of the examples of the URLs are as follows,,

Fully Tweakable

Your Nucleus weblog will be looking like fully tweakable through skins, multiple CSS files, and templates. With the help of the language-files, you can change the language that is used by the admin area.



Plug-ins is an extra feature that could be programmed and could be installed on the Nucleus. This lets you to have the features you wish, without the Nucleus core to turn out to be bloated.

The Nucleus plug-in interface provides plug-in authors much flexibility. For instance, how plug-ins could extend Nucleus functionality.


Right-click blogging and Bookmarklet

If you are going to a website and you want to write a few things about it in your weblog. You can just use the right-click context menu option or the Bookmarklet and can add the item when the pop up windows open. This is a very easy way instead of opening the admin area.


Archives and Search

The Nucleus automatically manages the Archives for your weblogs and you will be provided with the search function in order to look up the old items. Nucleus also features highlighting search terms, both in comments and in articles!


BounceWeb Necleus CMS Hosting is awesome!

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