MySQL Application of CPanel – Revolution in the field of Web Hosting

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MySQL Application of CPanel – Revolution in the field of Web Hosting

MySQL Application of CPanel – Revolution in the field of Web Hosting

SQL, right from its invention in the field of webhosting, has been the most popular language which does multi tasking like- adding, managing and accessing contents of a database. It is basically famous for its reliability, quick processing ability, easy usage and flexibility. MySQL is a recently developed easily available but an open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which makes use of SQL (Structured Query Language). Thus MySQL is an important part of every open source PHP application. Some of the famous and most reliable PHP/MySQL based scripts are- phpBB, osCommerce and Joomla. Cpanel on the other is a web hosting control panel which is UNIX based and provides an automation equipment and graphical interface to make the process of web hosting much simplified and reliable. Cpanel uses a 3 tier system that includes resellers, administrators and end users to control various functions of the website and server administration through another standard browser. The application based functions of Cpanel includes MySQL, PHP, Apache, Perl, etc.

Cpanel uses MySQL as an application based function. The Cpanel uses MySQL for the following purpose

Installation of MySQL by CPanel

MySQL is installed using the mysqlup script in Cpanel. This program directly connects to the Cpanel servers and verifies the latest RPM available and then downloads it. This script uses packages and ports on FreeBSD to install MySQL.

Distribution of MySQL using CPanel

Cpanel downloads a version file from its httpupdate servers. The advantage of this file is that it has a very specific layout which determines which version to download and then has to be installed in the server.

MySQL Application of CPanel – Revolution in the field of Web Hosting

Current Versions of MySQL supported by CPanel

The current versions of MySQL available which can be used in Cpanel are- 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0. The 4.0 version is not recommended for new servers. The 4.1 version of MySQL is the most widely used and updates are easily available from MySQL. It need not be updated from a current running server and scripts too run well in it. MySQL version 5.0 is the latest one and is recommended for all new servers. Manual upgradation of MySQL is possible but not at all recommended.

Naming Conventions of MySQL in CPanel

Cpanel allows MySQL users to prefix with their username for easy administration. Additional to all these, Cpanel also provides security facilities. It uses a setuid wrapper, which interacts with the MySQL database for security purpose.

Basic Troubleshooting of CPanel

The basic troubleshooting in MySQL is done through Logfiles. All MySQL Logfiles are located at:

Linux: /var/lib/mysql/’hostname’.err

FreeBSD: /var/db/mysql/’hostname’.err

/scripts/fixmysql  :  this will verify whether the Bundle::DBD::mysql perl module is installed or not.

Also if the privilege tables have not been installed and updated, then MySQL 4.x is installed, which runs the update scripts.

Cpanel was originally designed for speed hosting company. With its applications like MySQL, Cpanel evolved to be providing front-ends for numerous operations including management, distribution as well as trouble shooting of tasks. Along with MySQL, Cpanel ensures that software packages are kept up-to-date as well as user compatible.

MySQL Application of CPanel – Revolution in the field of Web Hosting

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