Most popular control panels for web hosting

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Most popular control panels for web hosting

Virtually every aspect of site management is dealt with by the control panel, which makes it just as important as the web server does. To an administrator, what matters most is the simplicity of use and functionality, and these primarily determine the popularity of a control panel. Opinions vary few but are undoubtedly noted for their versatility.

A concise review of the four most popular control panels can help potential webmasters select the one appropriate to their requirement.


It is the most renowned control panel in the industry because of its simplicity intuitive user interface and ease of learning.


Plesk is comparable to cPanel and noted for its efficiency and stability. It is compatibility with both windows and Linux based servers and with programming tools such as ASP, IIS and MS-SQL.

Virtuozzo Power Panel

This is by far the most capable control panel for VPS hosting. It offers both Windows and Linux solutions and allows server administration from within the browser interface directly.


ServerCP is a Linux-based control panel frequently used for VPS hosting. It is simple, user-friendly yet has an extensive administrative interface.

Although all the above control panels are capable solutions, the ultimate decision should be made after research and based on requirement.

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