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Thanks to Microsoft Corporation, our computer life was made easy. As we all know, computer is our basic needs for our daily life, this is used by billions of people across the globe. Computers are almost used in every facility such as hospital, school, office, and more. It’s a good thing that Microsoft is with us day by day delivering a breakthrough of technology such as Windows.

Microsoft Windows has many different versions, and as we all know that the latest was the Windows 7. This version has proven every one of us how wonderful the features it can give to a computer, and its user. However, the story doesn’t end as Microsoft continues its study to deliver an innovation that could change everything.

Recently, a rumor has been lurking around the industry that Microsoft has created a newer version, and it was dubbed as Windows 8 (codename for the upcoming version of Microsoft windows). It is said that it will have the system requirements as Windows 7 or lower than those.

Last June 1, 2011, The Windows 8 was unveiled by Microsoft, and some of its new features was shown at the Taipei Computex, and at the D9 conference that was held in California, United States. Few highlight was unleashed that it will be fully compatible for your home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and media center PCs. Unfortunately, still there are no news if it will be available for Android and iPad. The image above is the Windows 8 start screen.

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