Microsoft WebMatrix: Simplifying Web designing to child’s play

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Microsoft WebMatrix: Simplifying Web designing to child’s play

Gone are the days when the web design and development needed a full command on the programming language, the achievement is credited to Microsoft webmatrix which provides a simple and easy web development environment which is too friendly to web designers, rather than merely web developers and programmers. It reduces the number­ of techniques and concepts which a user needs to know in order to do the simple modification, and also includes and integrates all the necessary elements to build Web sites quickly. It is a web development tool from which includes everything that is needed for a website development plan. It includes the open source web applications, in-build clips and templates or merely starts programming code. It was released in early 2011 by Microsoft and is available free of cost in its website. It facilitates the developers to design websites which are compatible with Windows and Linux and to use the free open source net applications programmed in ASP.NET, PHP, etc.

Building blocks and Special Features

Microsoft provides a 15MB free download setup which includes a lightweight web development tool, ‘IIS Express’ , ‘SQL Compact-Edition’ and ‘a collection of ASP.NET extensions’ which enable the building of separable ASP.NET Pages, with the help of the latest Razor syntax(not in beta 1st version), making the use of database simpler and HTML helpers for functioning general web-tasks. It can be installed “side-by-side” with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. Some of its important features which works as appealing add-ons in its functions:

1)      It is condensed in such a small package, with less memory size, and obviously less disk space consuming, so can be quickly downloaded, copied or circulated to different sources.

2)      It uses merely a single file for the each page and there is no need of any outsider file, as a project based system is used by VS.NET which creates many extra support files to manage and maintain the project. This signifies that the pages can be edited in any code editor if required.

3)      It comprises many great design features, like templates for the existing pages, drag and drop designer, and many more making it very easy to use.

4)      It has in-build support for the community links of ASP.NET with the mailing lists and new groups.

5)      It can be used to find a web host which fits the requirement of the user with in- build publishing support for FTPS, FTP and WebDeploy assuring the arrival of settings, databases and files of the user.

6)      It integrates a rich database and code editor, SEO, Web server management, FTP publishing and much more providing a new experience to website development.

7)      It also integrates with IIS Express and it is linked very tightly with the components of web server which run the website. It directly monitors real time Web complains, responses and requests to track down the problems exactly at the source.

WebMatrix promises the simplification and comfortability of the website development phenomena as it is free to download, small enough, allows code writing using ‘Razor’,ASP.NET, or PHP with installation and configuration of components like PHP or MySQL for the people using Windows. It also provides a central point at which many complementary processes and technology are accessed on a Windows platform, for instance: Visual Web Developer Express Edition.

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