Manage Your Website Easily: Software for Site Management

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Manage Your Website Easily: Software for Site Management

Running a website can be a huge challenge be it a large company website or an individual active blog. For running your website successfully management of many aspects of the site is required and to help you out in this task there are several tools and software. Depending upon the age of your website, some software is listed for helping in developing the website, promotion and management and keeping track of the site records.

Tools for website development

Websmartz 3.0 is apt for simple site owners as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. With this software you can develop basic HTML web pages and also you can add flash in your page. The simple interface makes it easy enough for even a newbie to easily use the tools for website development.

Manage Your Website Easily: Software for Site Management

You can also make presentations by choosing from amongst 60 flashes and make your site detailed and advanced without any type of coding. Websmartz 3.0 costs about $30.

Site Spinner 2.7c is another software for no coding site development but it doesn’t allow flash. It also provides a built-in spelling checker and form maker for making the website error free.

Some software for making a website which requires coding is given below:

HTML Editor

Hyper Maker HTML 3001.24 – With this software you can add rich media in your site easily.

CSE HTML Validator Lite 9.0 – You can validate both XHTML and HTML with this application.

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor 4.0b – With this tool you can toggle between WYSIWYG and HTML for viewing your website easily.

Software for Online Promotion of Website

Promotion of your website is very important so as make people aware of its existence and make it successful. Promotion of a new website is a challenging task and can be time consuming and repetitive.

Cyber Fetch Website Submitter helps in submitting the website to famous search engines that makes it very easy for you to publicize the website. It requires you to fill up 3 forms which are better than going to all the search engines and filling out their forms individually!

With this tool you can manage your ads by using one amongst the 3 template sizes. This tool can be used for free for 20 sites and costs $35 afterwards.  So you can easily evaluate the software for free by using it in the first 20 sites.

Manage Your Website Easily: Software for Site Management

All-in-One Submission Tool 8.68 has access to over 880,000 search engines, link pages and directories. So you can submit your website to all these sites easily for better site promotion. It also provides a “Mega Tag Generator” tool which analyzes the keyword density and also has several other useful tools like Website Ranking Utility Tool, Doorway Page Generator, Automated Scheduler, Engine Database Updater and Analytics Style Report Generator.

Tools for Regular Website Management

Regular management of the website is very important custom web portal is the simplest technique.

IWEB Wizard Website Internet Browser 7.5 helps in quickly setting up a portal with 20 sites. It’s enough for managing the site network as well as having a check on the competitors.

Website Ripper Copier 3.2 is an easy helps in making backup.

Website Manager 5.3 is an advanced web publishing wizard.

Bounceweb Hosting provides a great collection of website management tools for your benefit!

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