Make mobile-friendly view on your Joomla hosted website

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Make mobile-friendly view on your Joomla hosted website

With the number of mobile devices going past the number of desktop machines by a large margin, making a website viewable in a mobile phone is of utmost importance. However, making mobile-optimized website views are not easy because of the phone screen size. For the millions who use their cell phones to browse the web, it is a pain to zoom in and out to check things or access the mail. Moreover, the limited speed is a big factor as pages having a big size will take huge time to open, and may not open at all.

In general, mobile viewable sites should be trimmed off extra scripts, images, and should concentrate on the content representation than the design. However Joomla, one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) has a solution to all the problems of mobile browsing with the help of its extensions, namely PDA Plug-in and iPhone Auto-template Switcher and many more. Joomla is a web-content management system that is structured into different extensions. Once an extension is added to the core part of Joomla, a new feature of that extension starts working.

The PDA Plug-in comes with two different files – the original plug-in and a template. Both of them have to be installed and then some options needs to be set on the Plug-in Manager console. Some web developers like the idea of giving the users a choice between the regular version and the mobile-optimized version while the site is being visited from a mobile device. These options can be set from the plug-in manager, and if a choice is being provided, the control panel of the web space must be configured likewise. The template view of the Joomla extension would let you manipulate how the site would look on a mobile device. You can set the modules that would come up in the mobile-optimized website, with the minimum number of modules being one and the maximum being five. However, the challenge for the extension right now is to support newer mobile platforms that are being launched currently.

The other extension that was mentioned earlier takes care of the problem mentioned above. The iPhone Auto-template Switcher is specifically made for iPhone, which have revolutionized the process of mobile Internet browsing. Although it is targeted to the iPhone users at large, it is not exclusively for iPhone. Its basic functionality is that it can toggle between three different templates according to user preferences and browser choices. It currently supports the popular Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the iPhone browser. However, users of a few other browsers can also use it. The installation to Joomla is very simple, but you need to make some modifications in the core Joomla package and also install templates since the original extension does not come with one.

Joomla has certain other extensions like simulators to help one see whether the plug-ins are working properly or not. Besides, they also have a huge collection of mobile optimized templates to choose from. Mobile websites have definitely become easier to make, courtesy Joomla!

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