Looking deeper into Adobe Photoshop

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Looking deeper into Adobe Photoshop

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is software from the company ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, which is an American company, based at San Jose, California. It was founded in December 1982. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is an image editor.  In the year, 2003 Adobe went for rebranding of Photoshop and named it Photoshop CS where CS stands for “Creative Suite”. It is used widely by the Professionals whose domain of work is graphics designing. They use this software for designing purposes even for website designing.

Adobe Photoshop


In the year 1987, a PhD student from University Of Michigan named THOMAS KNOLL was working on some kind of project, which would display on a monochrome display some grayscale images. He was using a program DISPLAY. Here came into the picture his brother JOHN KNOLL. He was an employee at INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC (ILM). He advised Thomas to convert this program into full fledged graphics software. This was when Thomas took leave from his studies and helped his brother to develop graphics software named IMAGE PRO in the year 1988. But this software was renamed as PHOTOSHOP.

Later that year John travelled to Silicon Valley to promote his software. He presented his software in front of the engineers at APPLE and then to Russel Brown of ADOBE. Russel was an art director at ADOBE. Finally, ADOBE bought the software in September 1988. John took up the job of Plug-ins in California and Thomas stayed at ANN ARBOR doing the program code. It was in 1990 that PHOTOSHOP 1.0 was released exclusively for Macintosh.

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop has a wide variety of application in the field of graphics editing. It links up with other adobe software for the purpose of animation, media editing, and authoring. Adobe Photoshop produces file in the format .PSD, which is its native file format. It has a lot of imaging options available with it, which includes layers with masks, ICC profile. It also has features like colour spaces, spot colours, transparency, text, duotones and many more.

Now let us talk about some of its features, which came after rebranding it with the name CREATIVE SUITE in the year 2003. We will be talking about few of its CS.

CS 3

CS 3 came as a market strategy to improve Photoshop’s sales. It came with new features which had better co-ordination with the software ADOBE BRIDGE. Its new features included streamlined interface, it also had better print control features and moreover it worked quite well with ADOBE READER i.e. with .PDF format files.

Adobe Photoshop

CS 4

Now CS 4 came up with a new feature perhaps first of its own kind and that was 3D engine. It provided the user with an opportunity to work in 3D. It also included wrapping up of 2D images or objects around 3D.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

CS 5

CS 5 the latest version of the Photoshop was to be launched on 12 April 2010. It is assumed to use strong CUDA technologies.

Adobe Photoshop

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP comes in two versions: BASIC & EXTENDED. The EXTENDED version has extra features added to it. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is undoubted the most Graphics software being used by the professionals.

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