Libraries based on Java and JavaScript

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Libraries based on Java and JavaScript

With every passing day, automation is becoming increasingly popular; a well-programmed machine is replacing many men in almost every job. Even the horizons of programming language have broadened with time. Programming languages such as Java, C, C++ and scripts such as JavaScript, etc are being put to more use than ever before. Java and JavaScript with its wide range of libraries have proved to be a boon. Let us discuss some of the most useful libraries based on Java and JavaScript.


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a group of technologies that uses a combination of HTML and CSS to create interactive web applications. It uses dynamic display and enhances the interaction between the information and the user.


It is free, lightweight, open source software designed to simplify scripting on the part of the client. It can be used to create animations, handle events, create plug-ins and develop Ajax applications, thus enabling the creation of powerful and dynamic web pages.


This is another scripting language library that is used in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Jscript is nothing but the same as JavaScript but under the purview of Microsoft. However, it comes with the additional feature of supporting conditional compilation.

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