Legal issues one must know before domain registering

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Legal issues one must know before domain registering

Domain laws can be quite complex and the consequences of infringement can be far reaching. As such, there are certain issues all domainers must understand before registering a domain.


The registrars’ agreements do not include any ownership rights in the domains they the domain name is simply leased.


Be careful about copyright and trademark infringement particularly when parking your domain and in the ads that appears. Again, a domain name owner should obtain a trademark registration on their domain name to avoid losing a domain name under the InterNIC domain name dispute policy.


To avoid legal hassles, one should turn to a registrar that provides sufficient security since legal redress in cases of spam and scam is quite expensive and impractical. Also most registrars are not helpful, especially in legal matters, which is obvious, considering them eager amount they charge.

US Law Over Reaches International Boundaries

US Law over reaches international boundaries because the registries for many TLDs are located in the United States. This simply implies that if you are doing anything controversial with your domain; try to avoid any connection with the US.

As a domainer, one does not have that many legal rights. Therefore, it is better to play it safe with your domains.

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