Laptops Going Green

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Laptops Going Green

By making some simple decisions, you can help your environment. You can go green with your computers and laptops. This could be done by selecting laptops, which are eco friendly, and runs long. The latest green laptops or notebooks take the concept of eco friendly notebook computer to the next level. Although green laptops are smaller than the ordinary laptops but still they last longer on a single charge. The best part about these green laptops is that they completely abide by all almost all the environmental rules and regulations.

These small footprints, lighter weight, ultraportble notebooks are intrinsically greener than larger footprint, heavier products for some reasons:

They are made to provide the desired performance when consuming lesser materials for producing and less energy for distribution and shipment. Requirements for packing are also reduced, saving energy and materials. Notebooks do not use a lot of power as a personal computer or desktops, this is because the green laptops processor use about 35W or less, when compared to desktops CPU that uses about 65W or more. The additional benefit is that it reduces your electric bill.

Less harmful components

Even if, notebooks are more energy efficient than the personal computers or desktops, however the are no greener than personal computers or desktops in other regards. The mainly contain the same dangerous components and they are not effortlessly recycled. But, there are several greener notebooks are available in the market today.

Nowadays, solar energy are used in several things like car, electronic items, computers and laptops, heating and lightings and various other purposes. Solar energy is a clean form of energy which are available in abundant. Today, there are several laptops and computer are available in the market, which are powered by solar cells. These can save a lot of money and energy that is used by ordinary computers and laptops.
The green laptops are uses mercury free LEDs in order to illuminate display. This saves a lot of energy, and enables for a thinner screen. Green laptops are made up of solid-state drive, which are faster, reliable and much lighter than the ordinary drive. Green laptop come with a low voltage processor and has enhanced ‘battery stretch’ software for energy savings.

Some of the laptops are aluminum case, which are easily recyclable and highly wanted by recyclers. All the materials that are used for packing are ninety percent are recyclable.

Switching from a desktop to a green laptop is a very good method to enhance your productivity and also in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that you add to each year. Let us be a part in reducing greenhouse gases that we produce and save our Mother Earth. Going green does not mean that you have to give up on several aspects of your life; it means we have to stop and think a while on how to make a difference in our world. Make some or the other activity, which helps in conserving energy and nature.  Let us save our planet by going green.

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