Joomla Geo-Tagging Extensions

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Joomla Geo-Tagging Extensions

joomla Geotagging Extensions

Content Management System (CMS) is the web application software which is used to keep track of the various contents running or stored in a website. The different contents it can work upon can vary from text documents, videos, music files or pictures.

Joomla is a CMS which is required to build applications in a website. Some of its features

Its free and an open source system.

Its web script is written in PHP and stores all its data in MySQL.

It is very easy to use and very flexible which makes it one of the most important CMS to be ever made.

It doesn’t require a person to know its technical issues, and can still use this.

It has got a list of extensions and modules that can manage all the applications on its own.

Geo-Tagging Extensions

Geo-tagging is the method to add geographical data associated to identification of locations in different mediums like pictures or videos. The data can be anything from geographical co-ordinates to detailed information on the specific location.

Joomla uses a wide range of geo-tagging modules. Some of them are


joomla Geotagging Extensions

It is a free module that can be integrated into Joomla.

It is a powerful geo-tagging and targeting tool.

It can detect the IP address of a visitor in a particular website, and change the content of the website to that particular location automatically.

This can help to change the details in a site dynamically like the local stores available, or currency or additional features available to a place.

It has been built specially to allow many more features than any other geo-tagging modules that were used earlier.

Currently it can geo-tag different modules, various contents and sections.

Geo content

joomla Geotagging Extensions

It is a module that integrates Google Maps into a website.

It is a free module but only available in the commercial bundle pack of Joomla plug-ins.

It allows tagging on Google Maps and the modules are grouped into different layers.

It displays the overview maps with a set of lines or points or polygon where all of them can be represented simultaneously.

It is integrated with advanced control options, so than an expert in web designing can take control of the advanced features that it offers.

It is fully configurable and customizable.


joomla Geotagging Extensions

It is another widely used geo-tagging plug-in available in Joomla.

It embeds Google Map in a website and allows geo-tagging different places and landmarks in it.

It allows content marker on a place in the maps, and can also manage multiple tags on the same map simultaneously.

It allows using the embedded map as a link to visit all the web pages associated with the tagged locations.

It allows Google Street View and Google Terrain Maps as its advanced options.

It’s very easy to install and use.

Geocode Factory

joomla Geotagging Extensions

It allows adding geocode tags and details in Google Maps.

Allows multiple markers to be on the same map.

Allows styles texts to be added on the map, and hence modifies the user profiles accordingly.

It can integrate unlimited number of Google Maps, each with their own set of controls to zoom and locate.

It also allows detailed profile fields such as a profile picture and can store other detailed information.

Automatic updating and manipulation of profiles.

Store Locator

joomla Geotagging Extensions

It tags the stores, and allows people to see them on map.

This is an efficient module that can easily locate the dealers, stores, and ATM and customer locations on the map.

It allows unlimited store tags to be shown on the same map.

It can automatically calculate the distance between two stores on the map.

Automatic tagging of previously marked locations and display of location details like position co-ordinates.

Open source, and easy to use.

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