Joomla! Forums

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Joomla! Forums

The Internet has developed to become one of the leading mediums through which like-minded individuals can catch up with each other, irrespective of their location and time zones, and discuss about the subjects and topics of their choice. And these discussions are best carried out in online forums, which are specifically built for this purpose. An online forum is generally a platform where members of the forum can start threads on topics and discuss on the topic in subsequent threads. Such forums also serve the purpose of efficiently sharing links or files relevant to the topic being discussed by the members, thus serving as a medium of dissemination of information. In the recent years, such forums have mushroomed over the Internet, ranging from technical and academic forums for discussing relevant topics, to forums on networking sites which aim to just provide a common platform for everyday chitchat among virtual friends.

Joomla! Forums

Building a forum related website can be a complicated task, because it requires access to several databases, for example, the database containing the list of the members of the website, and their permission levels to determine who can modify what. However, Joomla can serve as a relatively simple and efficient forum building platform, due to the fact that its open source platform allows the addition of virtually any kind of extensions or plug-ins. And the fact that the Joomla community is huge and spread throughout the world is an obvious support in case you need some kind of help.

Joomla! Forums

Extensions like the JomSocial set of components is designed to build on the basic platform according to the needs of the user. Though it is basically a package which is used to build social networking websites, with a bit of tweaking, it can be used to create forums as well, because forums do form an integral part of social networking sites. The level of complication in case of Joomla add-ons is very low, and so it is possible to create a forum related websites using Joomla.

Joomla! Forums

Advantages of using forums with Joomla!

As always, the forums can be easily administered and maintained by the owner, without having to resort to professional help from webmasters

Joomla can be efficiently used to connect to the databases required for the forums with minimal complications, as opposed to some other CMSes which require a host of complicated issues to be sorted out.

Joomla! Based forum sites can be easily used to maintain member lists and modify permissions. With Joomla, the access permissions for the members can be easily changed according to the requirements of the owner without much hassle

Joomla menus are real time, which means that the source code can be changed on any text editor, like the notepad, and then pasted onto the Joomla editor. The resulting changes will immediately be imposed on all the WebPages.

There is minimal danger of virus or malware attacks to damage the software. As the core platform is open source, it can be downloaded from the Internet and substituted.

Last, but not the least, the software is available free-of-cost.

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