Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

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Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Internet now-a-days has become such a necessity for the general body and hence the use of internet as the result has reached at its pinnacle. Therefore, a safe and sound implementation of internet must be undergoing so that there must not the violation of privacy destruction and data stealing. Gone are the days, when the internet safety was concerned about only the protection of computers from malware and viruses. Today, the internet’s immense range, changes in technologies and growth of social nature constantly have made people more endangered particularly to privacy violation, identity theft and even self-harassment. So, some steps must be definitely taken in account in order to rectify the issues of safety.

The important steps are as follows:

Protection from Viruses and Malwares

A good and basic defense against the general threats on internet is practicing a good antivirus program, or anti-malware software. It protects the computer from corrupt websites, tainted email attachments, net worm viruses, spyware and many more. In the dense traffic of antiviruses in the market, a antivirus software can be used which must protect against fishing sites, viruses, malware and has a good firewall, spam filtering as well as anti-spyware tools with latest updates.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Protecting e-mails from Scams and Spam

Now-a-days, a great no. of emails are spam, it’s because it’s very inexpensive and easy for a spammer sending an spammed email to many people simultaneously as well as anonymously, and the malware phishing and scams  are generally included in spam. So certain steps must be carried out to effectively reduce the spam in our inbox, like:

  • Using a spam blocker in the e-mail.
  • One must not reply to the spams and must not follow the links.
  • Keep turned off the image and the preview pane.
  • Check the spam folder and clearing those spams regularly.
  • Turn on the firewall of the pc.
  • Never download the unexpected attachment if required download it after scanning.

Protection against monetary and online transaction crimes

The internet has facilitated the common public with shopping, banking and other financial transactions online very conveniently. But as far as the money is concerned, it must be made sure that the transaction operation is in safe hands with some precautions:

  • Before sending any sensitive or financial information online a user must confirm the “https” before the site address, which assures that the information is encrypted.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

  • Notice the “security symbol” in the address bar (shown below in Mozilla firefox), which is a verification of a secure website by the browser before any transaction.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

  • Compose strong passwords and never share them.
  • Find the SSL certificate of the site and look for the “issued for”, “issued to” and “validity”.
  • Use a pop-up blocker, if not then never reply to the pop-ups messages.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Password safety

The steps for avoiding password misuse and theft must be implemented as passwords plays a very important role:


  • Never use the same type of password for every account.
  • Avoid using the predictable password pattern.
  • Include symbols, numbers and both upper and lowercase alphabets.
  • Never set passwords at any disclosed place or at public view.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Protection against the cyber addiction

Cyber addiction is mushrooming day by day which does not only kills the precious time of the people, especially teenagers but taking many shapes of internet crimes also these are the major sources of data theft. It can be reduced by the self-assessment and a few efforts of users, like:

  • Avoiding online gambling
  • Avoiding online gaming(money involving).
  •  Avoiding porn sites, as these are the main sources of major Trojans and viruses.
  • Using the social networking sites consciously.

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