Integrating social networking with joomla

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Integrating social networking with joomla

Integrating social networking with joomla

Joomla is the best web based content management system available on the internet. The core components are mainly based on PHP and database management on MySql. It supports a wide variety of plug-ins both free and commercial. There is also a good community support associated with the joomla package. The features include news flashes, blogs, polls, page cashing, search, RSS feeds etc. Social networking sites with joomla are quite easy with the right application. Some are described below.


It is a community builder for social networking component in joomla. It is user friendly for building and maintaining online communities. It has 4 different login/registration processes. The administrators can get specific information details from the users without their authorization. There are many modules and packages. Custom photo, video, ads sharing etc are available. Members are also able to send private messages, edit photos, edit profile etc.


It is yet another social network site creator and maybe the best around. Its structure is very modular consisting of Jomcomment, MyBlog, JomSocial network and NiceTalk. It has many in-built features like customised profiles, manage and join groups, communicate with friends via private messages, share and upload photos and videos, integrate 3rd party components with the robust API. The interface to photos and videos and the site as a whole is awesome and there is also an opportunity for showcasing the recent events. It is very secure and can be easily integrated with sites like Facebook. There is also an event management system along with an activity stream. The open APIs allow the developers to create a myriad of plug-in to extend the functionalities further. The thousands of customisation is possible because of its core platform – joomla.

Integrating social networking with joomla


it became dormant for some time but has again been unleashed with a greater potential. It has some key features. It allows its users to moderate and form their own groups which are integrated into the very networking site. It is a very important tool for the web designers. It is also free and open to use by anyone. It provides various templates for the creation of the websites.

Integrating social networking with joomla

Community builder

it is an alternative to the popular joomla based networking site plug-in. It also has numerous features. Extended registration form is used to gather more information about a person before their registration. Additional user fields are provided to group community members based on certain parameters. Moderators can be created in communities to ease the work of an owner. The members have access to high level of customisations in their profiles. Language and CSS customisations are also available. The websites created with community builder are extremely stable and can be used where the traffic is very large.

Integrating social networking with joomla

Integration of social networking is easy in joomla. Web developers should give it a try!!

Various media extensions are also available to extend the site developed on joomla. It is very flexible along with the millions of customisations it is very good for both the beginner as well as the advanced users.

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