Integrating CSS and XML to work wonders

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Integrating CSS and XML to work wonders

XML is known for its universal and unique data format and is thus extensively used in various fields of application like engineering, physical science, electronic commerce etc. On the other hand CSS is such a language which helps in making optimum presentation. It actually optimizes the user’s data in an appropriate manner.  Thus on integrated both XML and CCS, one can take the help of all the features given by both these languages. Thus in short CSS is viable to decorating the XML documents. This integration of XML and CSS is coined as “Structured Markup with Display Semantics”.

Advantages of using XML with CSS

XML is mainly used to create stylish document to make it presentable to gather the attention of the people. CSS actually assists XML in dong this job.

Present ability

This one the foremost advantage of using integrated XML with CSS. Both theses languages together put effort to generate stylish sheets by decorating and providing descent style to the document.


CSS is actually a mechanism to generate style sheets.  On the other hand XML is the Meta language in which the user can create his own elements according to his requirement.  This freedom in XML to create own tags according to requirement is actually priced. Thus tags of XML has nothing predefined semantics. Thus resulting in various ambiguities like < image> can be either an image or imaginary number, <manual> may be a technical book or human labor. In some informal language like English humans can easily identify the various meanings associated with the context but this is not the case when dealing with some formal language, some standard semantics need to be followed to make the machine understand the meaning of various code. So here comes the ultimate advantage of using CSS with XML. CSS is style sheet software which defines these display semantics while using XML documents for various purposes.


While using integrated XML with CSS the style sheet documents becomes more accessible mainly for physically disabled persons having problem in vision or speaking. Thus this integrated software provides a variety of accessible features needed for various uses.

Authoring Software


This is a professional XML editor which provides a set of three points over XML documents. One is the enhancing grid view meant for structured editing and displaying purposes, another is the low level display meant for syntax coloring; the third one integrated browser display meant for providing support to CSS sheets. This also includes a feature for character-set and Unicode encoding and also for supporting XML and XHTML Namespaces. Another very useful feature is provided by XML spy to provide editing of DTD and XML documents simultaneously. The screenshot of XML spy has been given below:

 Integrating CSS and XML to work wonders

Authoring Approach

Integration of CSS with XML involves the following approach

  1. XML document should be authorized.
  2. CSS stylish sheet should be authorized.
  3. Then the CSS stylish sheet should be associated with XML documents.
  4. The final step is to render XML documents associated with CSS stylish sheet.

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