Installing Joomla in a few easy steps!

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Installing Joomla in a few easy steps!

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used all over the world. One of the reasons of its popularity is its free availability and extremely easy installation. You don’t even require a paid hosting account to install and test run Joomla on your system.

The first thing that one needs to check whether the system has the following: PHP (4.4.3 and above), MySQL (3.23 and above) and Apache (1.13.19 and above). Generally, the requirements are met if one has a good web hosting account.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, here are the extremely easy steps that would help you install Joomla on to your machine!

Download the Joomla files

The Joomla files can be easily downloaded in the form of zip files from the download section of the official Joomla website.

Unzip the files on your server

Joomla would not run anywhere like EXE files do, and needs to be unzipped onto the server for further installation.

Name the unzipped folder according to your convenience

The unzipped file should be given a short and simple name, say Joomla.

Access the Joomla folder through the web browser

The unzipped folder at the server must now be accessed through the web browser as the first installation page appears!

Follow the simple instructions in the following pages, and your system would be loaded with Joomla!
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