Importance of proper indexing for better searching in your database

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Importance of proper indexing for better searching in your database

Importance of proper indexing for better searching in your database

Indexing is a term used to describe a process involving the improvement of speed in data retrieval in a database table. Though indexing takes up a computer’s hardware resources, but it is advantageous when it comes to software performance, because any data retrieval is much faster.

Proper indexing has its benefits in the following applications.

Softwares using indexed information

Some sophisticated automatic softwares and algorithms use indexed database for different purposes like regularly updated websites, large public databases, research project databases etc. The advantage of these softwares is that they employ many intelligent methods to index for faster search response. The softwares also continuously make these methods efficient so that the indexing is done at a faster rate with more efficiency and consume less hardware resources.

Information users

With increasingly more content being available to the users people are using the internet and other online resources more frequently. Many people are busy checking out new information on particular subjects. Companies are also generating large volumes of information every day and without proper indexing these data are only as good as trash. If the data is not properly indexed then the data is not available to the numerous employees of the company. If the data is indexed, there are less chances of the data being missing or being overlooked by common users. With commercial indexing softwares, users are given a high degree of freedom to a huge databank of information in a very short duration.

Indexing for portal or intranet architecture

Many growing industries are backed up by a strong internet backbone. This also facilitates huge data storage and processing of those on real time. But to do real time searches within a intranet network for data retrieval, indexing is a very important requirement for efficiently carrying out the job. This has also made the overall information system very efficient and responsive.

Indexing also has its own advantages over other data retrieval techniques.

Other data retrieval methods like tables in MySQL are not as efficient or fast as indexing of same data. Though the data, that is being indexed is indexed one way and needs to be indexed again once the data is changed. In case of tables the data can be changed very easily.

Indexing takes up the least amount of space compared to all data retrieval systems. It is fast and also gives quick and easy modification capabilities. This in turn gives an efficient system when considering for a commercial use.

Types of Indexing

There are many types of indexing available like bitmap indexing, dense indexing, sparse indexing, reverse indexing etc, it is a tool to mainly locate data efficiently in a huge pool of arranged or may be raw information. After the data is located, then other techniques retrieve the data fast. In covering index, which is a special case, the index also contains the data fields, which make the overall system performance very fast. But it may take up more memory space due to its special fields to which it owes its characteristics.

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