Impact of Web 2.0 on web hosting

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Impact of Web 2.0 on web hosting

There has been a vast change in the way websites are designed in the era of Web 2.0. Simple images and text, arranged in columnar fashion is a thing of the past, as web designers find and innovate ways of user collaboration and interaction. With great tools that support Web 2.0, the Internet is undergoing a rapid evolution every day, and the need for a larger hosting space is also increasing.

Perfect hosting for Web 2.0

With services like video and audio uploading on websites, there is practically no bound to the hosting space requirement, and thus in order to efficiently store the rapidly increasing data, they need a group of interconnected servers running simultaneously!

What needs to be done?

A dedicated web hosting is the only way to tackle large volumes of data, along with a dedicated team of web server professionals, as it is impossible for a single person to handle a large infrastructure.

Security threats

There is always a risk of serious security attacks on the servers, and thus Web 2.0 hosting needs to be well equipped with mechanisms that can fight such threats and keep the server running on a 24/7 basis.

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