How Twitter can be the ace in your online marketing strategy?

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How Twitter can be the ace in your online marketing strategy?

How Twitter can be the ace in your online marketing strategy

Twitter is an online social networking site. Twitter provides its users with micro blogging service through which users can read and send messages known as tweets. One can make a maximum of 140 character text based tweet. Among its users there are eminent personalities, normal people and even formal profiles of different organizations. In Twitter many individual entities can follow a particular user and together they become followers of that user. Any update in the user’s tweet will be reflected in the follower’s profile.  Twitter is very simple to use and easy to hook on. One can know the different Tweets of the users that he/she is following by just logging onto Twitter.

The profile of the companies in Twitter generally include the name of the company, its type, the mission of the company, the goals they have set to achieve and the formal description of the different products of the company. The companies want their followers to know everything about the company in a very short and brief time.

Companies making provisions for online strategies must keep in mind that Twitter can be the leader in your online marketing strategy because about 40% of time people are on twitter and almost every knowledgeable person is on twitter.

For companies who want to avail the opportunity for online marketing strategy, twitter will be an ace of a deck of cards.

They just have to follow the simple procedure as the following listed:

Create an account in the following site


How Twitter can be the ace in your online marketing strategy

Create a few initial tweets about the aspects of the company like

  • Organization type.
  • Headquarters of the Organization.
  • Type of the Organization.
  • Mission of the Organization.
  • The employee count of the Organization.


After the profile of the company is created, write a product description of the organization, add information on the regions of sales and you may also include photographic description of the products.

Create an initial follower base that will follow the organization daily and point out the different products needs and their personal choices.

Regular tweets must be there for product updates so that the customers are never bored.

Create a customer support facility for the ease of customers regarding the products, problems faced by them and for troubleshooting by simply replying to the tweets posted by the followers regarding the individual productions of the organization.


Try to create robust hardware and software solutions for the product problems and services related to the products must be there.

If the customers are satisfied by the company then more and more customers will be there for the organization because a satisfied customer will tweet about his/her satisfaction with the products of the company and this will lead other users to come forward and join the organization’s customer list.

So here we see that if the company follows the above mentioned procedure and creates a good initial satisfied customer base then Twitter can be the ace in your online marketing strategy.


How Twitter can be the ace in your online marketing strategy

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