How to use cPanel Addon Domains

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How to use cPanel Addon Domains

In cPanel the addon domains are one the top level domains that you will be able to add to the shared hosting account. In order to save the hosting expenses, the addon domains will save lots of money. If you have lots of websites, you can manage them using one account. If you want to host even a single website, then you have to look out for the web hoster who will provide the cPanel addon domain.
Normally, most of the web hosting providers will limit the total number of addon domains for you to use.
Theoretically, for your current domain, the addon domains will be built as the subdirectory. Here your website will look like independent ad separate website for your visitors.

The cPanel addon domains will be the perfect choice. With the help of cPanel account you will be able to manage many mini websites. Most of the sites will share the same amount of bandwidth and space.
You will be able create the multiple independent sites having only one shared account.
The savings: if you have number of sites, you will save more amounts of expenses.
Using the cPanel account, you will be able to easily manage your accounts. For each and every site that you will have, you need not have each userID and password.
Here you will be having separate ftp account for each and every site.
If the addon site is for others, then they will not be able to use your cPanel account.

Adding the domain to the website
– Just login into the cPanel
-in the cPanel account, just click on the addon domain icon and takes you to the form of addon domain maintenance
-here you have type the domain name without using theĀ  HYPERLINK “http://www” http://www in the new domain name in the text box and later press the tab key. When you press tab key, the directory/subdomain/username will be automatically is filled in the domain name.
– Here you will be able to directory/subdomain/username name that was filled out before when you had completed all of them in the previous step.
-finally, click on the add domain button.

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