How to Start your Own Video Site with PHPmotion

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How to Start your Own Video Site with PHPmotion

PHPmotion is a content management system and is one of the free PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS. It supports various other types of media as well.

In order to start your own video website using the PHPmotion, you will have to have the following requirements

Servers – Linux/Unix server

PHP 4.3 or above (it can include the support of CLI as well)
MySQL database server
Libogg + Libvorbis
LAME MP3 Encoder
GD library or else higher than that
Should be able to run the background process

PHP settings

Upload_max_file size should be 100M
Open_basedir = (no value)
Post maximum size = 100M
Maximum execution time = 1500
Safe_mode = off
Session_gc maximum life time = 14000
Enable_dl = on
Thread safety = disabled

The process of installation
Firstly, you need to have the domain name and hosting with the FFmpeg support. You have to determine who will host the website because sometimes you might receive free domain name. Some of the hosting companies will host your website free of cost or for a nominal fee so that they will take advantage from your website by putting up the advertisements. Consider a good package for your website sp that it handles all type of queries.

You must download the program from the internet.

Open the FTP program and long into the FTP account. The entire content of the PHPmotion into your or public HTML folder. Allow the PHPmotion to overwrite anything that is available there and depending upon the connection speed, it takes some time and after uploading, proceed next.

If the hosting works with the cPanel, login to the cPanel account. Most of them have CPanel, some do not have this facility, and you can go with MySQL database. If you have a MySQL account already, proceed further with the next step.

Now you must change the mode using the CHMOD command. It is a shell command in UNIX and in unix-like environments. When it is executed, it changes the file and mode of them.
Another best way to do is by using the cPanel (it provides the graphical interface).

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