So you want to get blogging huh? We can do that!

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First you’re going to need a platform to run it on. There are tons of them out there (most of the cool ones are even free) but for this article we are going to talk about WordPress. Now WordPress does come in 2 different versions, a hosted version at and an open source version that you host on your own server.

Since you are here it usually means you have your own hosted account (if not then quite looking at my article and get signed up) and how lucky you are it has Cpanel, which it turn means you have Fantastico. Fantastico is script library that automates the installation of web applications such as WordPress.

  1. So log into your Cpanel account, click on the Fantastico link under software and services section.
  2. Then look under blogs section right under “Navigation”.
  3. Next click on the WordPress link.
  4. Then new installation (if you already have one installed then it will list them below).
  5. Then you will need to pick a directory to put it in, the software will automatically set up the directory you list so it must not already exist. In this example I set it to “blog”, so my address would be
  6. Then choose your administrator log in name and password, this information will be used as your log in.
  7. Then choose a nickname, this will be used as the posts author name.
  8. Input your correct email address, this will be used to send you important emails about your blog.
  9. 9. Next you will type in your blog title; this will be displayed in the browser bar as the blogs title.
  10. Last you will input your description, depending on the theme you use in the blog this can sometimes be used as the tag line.
  11. Then click on install WordPress, you will be taken to the next screen that shows you the specifics off where your blog is located, if you like the settings click finish installation (you need to click this or it will not install).
  12. Then… Ta da! You are now ready to tell the world hello! Copy down your information they give you so you know where to go to do things (log in or just visit) and click on the /wp-admin link to log in to the admin panel of the blog.
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