How to set up Linux users group

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How to set up Linux users group

Linux is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel which is developed as well as distributed freely under the general public license. Linux operating system has many advantages such as adaptability, robustness, functionality and it is also available freely. One of the main features of Linux is the Linux users group also known as LUG. It forms the base of the Linux structure where people in a particular region can keep in touch with each other and discuss methods of improving the kernel and adding modifications that might help many. It also serves as a platform to every user to share their knowledge on Linux. New users can learn more with the help of the members of Linux users group. It is like virtually being a part of a community that makes your operating system more familiar to you and makes it run in a better way.

Almost all localities already have a Linux user’s group but in case you land up in an area where there is no Linux users group then setting up a Linux user’s group is very easy. These are some basic steps that you should follow to set up a basic framework for your group which includes the following

Create a website

You should have a website or a group page that acts a lot like social networking. For this purpose you can visit which allows you to set up your own personalized page where other members can join and keep a track of the recent updates or also post some content related to Linux kernel.

Chose a suitable domain name

You should also chose a reasonable name for your website so that it can be easily found out when searched for in popular websites. For this reason the website name should generally be the same as that of the Linux users group.

Make use of a mailing list

There should be a place where each and every member should be able to post their views and opinions or ask questions and exchange information between them. This can be easily done with the help of a simple mailing list through which you can manage your group members or coordinate them.

Decide upon meeting place and time

You should have a regular meeting place for your group and also a regular time. The meeting place should be chosen in such a way that it is easily accessible and the meeting time should be such that each and every one should be comfortable with it.

Give directions

Include maps and events for any event to help people find out the place easily. It can be easily done with Google maps.

Many of the Linux user groups just started out as a small sub group within friends but once it is started it won’t take much time to gain popularity. Each and every member of the group should try out their level best to increase the popularity of the group within their own friends. All the factors mentioned above are just the framework that you would need to start off with a LUG but one important thing that should be kept in mind is that having all of the above is not sufficient, you should also have dedicated members who are ready to work selflessly for the group’s purpose.

How to set up Linux users group

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