How to Make Best of your Web Server Resources

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How to Make Best of your Web Server Resources

Web server is basically a program which delivers various contents like web page with the help of “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” commonly known as HTTP in the World Wide Web commonly known as WWW. This term refers to a virtual machine in which the program is running. In commercial field, the server is responsible for providing network connection to a larger area, the server computer is rack mounted along with other servers to regulate such a tremendous job. The main function of web server is to provide web page as requested by the client. This delivery data includes HTML generated documents, including style sheets, images, java scripts and other related data. The clients are actually web crawler or web browsers not the ultimate the user. This is because the user requests for a web page to the web browser, the web browser then finally communicates with the server to request for that page by using HTTP, then ultimately the server responds to that request by providing the contents of that page or displays an error message if unable to do the needful. Along with this a server is also embedded with webcams, printers or routers and also local networks for direct data transfer through LAN instead of HTTP which is much faster. Web servers sometimes integrate with system components and thus helping in monitoring and administrating the system devices. Thus the web server itself helps in maintaining the system thus no additional software is required. Thus, helps in optimum resource management and maintenance.

Basic graphical model of web server

How to Make Best of your Web Server Resources

Features a Web Server should have for optimum management of server resources

Virtual hosting

This is to serve websites to the requested client using single IP.

Large File Accommodation

This is to serve files having size greater that two gigabyte on a 32 bit operating system.

Bandwidth throttling

To limit the uploading speed to prevent the server from going to saturation mode, thus helping in serving more clients with the available resources.

Server scripting

This is actually dynamic generation of web pages keeping Web site and Web server completely separate.

Web server working

How to Make Best of your Web Server Resources

Load limits

Each web server has a certain load limit, thus it can handle only a limited no of clients. This limit depends upon the software and hard ware limits of the operating system used, type of HTTP request, cache memory of the server and the dynamic and static content origin setting of the web server. Sometimes due to various factors like excessive web traffic, XSS viruses, computer worms, network slowdown and many other reasons the load limit crosses and then the server stops responding .

So to maintain the server properly, the following steps should be taken to prevent load saturation

Management of network traffic

This is done by properly managing the firewall protection to prevent unauthorized access from unknown IP. The “HTTP traffic managers” should be maintained properly to rewrite, redirect and drop requests from bad HTTP. Traffic shaping and Bandwidth management should be done properly to improve the server working.

Traffic management

How to Make Best of Your Web Server Resources

Efficient software

Only efficient and effective software should be used in server machine.

Exact configuration

The configuration of the machine should be optimum with desired processor speed, RAM and proper cooling technology.

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