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Remember when someone invented the paper bag, and how that changed the world? Probably not, it might have been before your lifetime. Anyway, Joomla is about that brilliant. Not that it will hold a serving of fries, but it sure did change the world of content management systems. Let’s say you’re a creative guy and you want to build a website. You know HTML, but having a website in plain HTML is very 1998, any decent website has a content management system (CMS) to support it. Great, but you don’t have programming skills. So all is lost? No, because there’s Joomla. Joomla is a powerful and user friendly CMS that can be installed in a matter of minutes. It’s pretty hard to implement your own design if you don’t have programming skills, but you can pick any of tens of thousands designs made by other people. And, oh yeah, did we mention Joomla is 100 percent free? Paper bags don’t look so brilliant now, do they?

To install Joomla, you need a couple of things: an account with a webhosting company that supports PHP 5 and MySQL and a control panel to change your settings, create databases etc.

By the way, we know a great web hosting company for that, just type into your browser. Next to that you need an ftp program to upload the files (you can use free ones like FileZilla).

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Download Joomla
  3. Choose the full package of the latest version
  4. Unzip the contents in a folder on your harddrive
  5. Connect your ftp program to your server and upload the whole shabam
  6. Get some coffee, it takes a while
  7. Go to the control panel of your hosting account and create a new database (and write down the details).
  8. Open your browser and surf to folder that you specified in the ftp program
  9. Now simply tell Joomla what it wants to know (name of your site, database details etc.)
  10. Choose whether you want to install sample content or not (sample content is handy to get to know the CMS).
  11. When you’re done, delete the installation folder (so that mean people with ugly faces can’t abuse it)
  12. That’s it you’re done!

It’s really that easy. Of course, installing Joomla is only part of the job. Now you need to figure out what goes where, pick a template, and try to fill your website. This simply is a process. Spend a little time with your new CMS friend, get to know him, and before you know it, you will be inseparable.

The alternative to the above installation is to use fantastico in your Cpanel 🙂

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