How to ensure security for your website

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How to ensure security for your website

With the advancement in web technologies, technical flaws have also risen that pose threat to security of websites. Security measures have been invented to prevent these flaws and provide security to websites. Here are a couple of most important security measures.

1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL is a method of providing security certificates to the client computer. All major web browsers support SSL. When a client browser visits a web page, it requests a security certificate. If the website provides a certificate, the originality of the website is verified, and the clients see a notification of the secure connection. This provides security to the client, preventing him from phishing attacks or fake transactions. The HTTPS protocol is used for SSL enabled web page surfing.

2. SQL Injection

This refers to a technique of running user-written code on the client server, issuing SQL commands on the server database. This can be used by malicious users to steal passwords or log into websites without passwords. This flaw can be easily removed by SQL injection checking. However, many web programmers overlook such flaws or write weak prevention code. Care should be taken to prevent such attacks through robust injection checking.

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