How to detect people stealing your content

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“It’s ok to tell a lie, just make sure you never get caught”, my friends dad used to say. But now he’s divorced and in jail (go figure). So bad theory (although, if he wouldn’t have been caught..?). Anyway, it’s pretty bad that there are people that steal the content of your website. It’s even worse that the web is so big, that it will be hard to find them. My advice, Google your own content.

Actually, there IS a better way to find out if people are stealing your content. You don’t really need to Google your website, you need to copyscape it. The website is dedicated to help you find out who is stealing your content. You just type in the url of your webpage and the search engine displays webpages that have the same content. Now, before you take your 9mm out of your pocket and try a whois on the poor guy/gal, please check if the content is really stolen and not just syndicated. If it’s syndicated, the content will be identical, but there will be a link to your website, which makes it a little better.

To make the circle complete, you can place a banner on your website, stating that your content is protected by Copyscape. Of course, that’s only true if you regularly perform this scan, but that doesn’t matter. At least that thief-to-be sees the banner, and know that you’re a person who likes to protect his content. Most of the time, this will scare them away. There will never be a system that completely eradicates plagiarism, but this is a good and effective initiative. At least make your website less attractive to steal from.

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