How to create your own font

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How to create your own font

How to create your own font

Nowadays every computer already has some pre loaded fonts that are installed in it at the time of purchasing your computer but even after that, there may come a necessity at times in order to create your own personalized fonts to give a personal touch to the work that you are doing.

For creating your own fonts you may either choose to draw them on a piece of paper and then scan it for which you would definitely require a scanner but there is also another simpler way in which you can create your own font. For this you would require to use the software ‘private character editor’ which is present in the system 32 folder in your programs file. This is almost same as the Microsoft paint but it is specially designed for generating new characters. With the help of this software you can create your own fonts and then incorporate them into a document using the character map.

The various steps that you must follow in order to create your own personalized character are the following

Run the private character editor software

First you must start the private character editor software. The location of this software on your computer is the following C:\WINDOWS\system32\eudcedit.exe.

Chose the character code

As soon as you run the software it will ask you to select a code that is the character that you are going to create will be related to that particular code in the windows character library. You can select any of the grey boxes and then press OK to continue.

How to create your own font

Opening the grid as your workspace

A grid opens up next of dimensions 50*50 and each character that you draw on the grid by coloring the boxes is stored as a bitmap image. You can access the coloring and drawing tools from the TOOLS menu.

Draw the character

The next step is the most important as now you need to draw the character on the grid. This requires a lot of practice and should be done carefully. Use the left mouse button to draw in black and vice versa.

Modify an existing character

If you are not good at drawing then you can also choose to modify an already existing character and personalize it for which you simply have to copy it to the grid by choosing the edit option and then copy character.

Associate it with a particular font

After you finish this part of your job you need to associate the newly created character with a specific font or with all fonts present in your computer from where it will be available.

Save your job

Save the final character which gets saved in the same position that you had chosen while you were asked to select the code.

Following the above steps you can create your own set of characters and use them accordingly in order to give a personal touch to any document. For accessing the characters from any application you just need to open the character map and select the particular set of characters that you want to use. One thing that you must keep in mind is that if you use your personalized set of characters in any document, then you won’t be able to view your document in other computers unless you install it in that machine too.

How to create your own font

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