How to create simple news feed reader

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How to create simple news feed reader

In the language of the internet a newsreader is a web application or client software also popularly known as the “aggregator” actually crawls throughout the internet and aggregates syndicated web content mostly news headlines in a single format for easy viewing purposes.

The news feed readers are of primarily of three types.

Web based news feed reader

How to create simple news feed reader

These are actually specially designed websites that automatically sorts out news from millions of news feeds everyday produced by thousands of news service providers. Typically a person needs to create an account in these websites, filling out his preferences and choices.  The website then uses advanced predictive algorithms and techniques to find out news material best suited for the reader. Many sites provide these features integrated in their pages. The most interesting part is that these readers can be set up without much effort in a very short time by almost any common user. This is the most preferred way of reading news feeds because of its easy user interface and no maintenance.

Web applets

These are web based applications mostly available through a web browser. They are interactive and based on AJAX and XML techniques and very user friendly. These also aggregate the news from different news broadcasting sites and use similar types of techniques to gather and filter news appropriate for a particular user. The applications are hosted mainly on servers for personal use. The advantage is that because it is remotely hosted, it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Because of its nature, the widgets or web applets can also be easily integrated into email applications, document readers, news portals, customisable home pages etc.

Client software

Client software is software specially designed for the purpose of news gathering and news presentation of personalised content in a compact user friendly interface. These are full-fledged applications which are required to be installed on the client machine. They also do not normally require a web browser to browse through the news content. They actually aggregate much more content and much better for professional uses, because they offer much more customisations, more personalised filtering, and once loaded it can be viewed without access to the internet. Though it has some disadvantages like it has to be maintained well to make it fit for use in a particular context, it has more advanced feature-full interface along with predefined as well as user-defined techniques and functions. All these result in a better news reader than other easy techniques.

Another important criterion for judging different news feed readers is the filtering techniques used. The remotely hosted servers use many advanced techniques and large resources to sort out news to particular types and appropriate user content. The very resource intensive methods cannot be used in case of a client software, also the huge bandwidth required to filter out the huge news content is very high and it is not recommended for a single user unless for a good reason.

How to create simple news feed reader

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