How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter?

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How to create online presence of your business on Facebook and Twitter?

For anyone with a small or medium sized business and wants to develop an internet presence, there are some simple steps to follow. Many business owners do not know how to use online business presence to leverage their business opportunities at a very low investment. Facebook and twitter are two of the most visited social sites in the world and making a social online presence there could be of great help as it can target the audience at a low price.

Setup a website

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

This is the starting element of any business which wants to be known through the internet. Choosing a good domain name is necessary. It gives the first impression to the visitor. A lot of web designers are available and for a small to medium sized business, the site should take less than two weeks. The cost of development varies and many a times, free simple web builders are also available for personal use. The content of the website should be crisp, clear and eye-catching. A good communication with the developer is also necessary as the website needs to be updated regularly for new content.

Few things to consider are:

  • The website should be simple enough. Abundance of content confuses the customer.
  • User-friendliness is also very crucial to a successful web presence as people finding it difficult will switch over to other places.
  • Quality of the content should also be taken care of. Websites lacking in quality is missing everything.


Registering the website in general directories

Many online directories exist where people regularly go searching for their specific needs. So registering in directories like yellow pages and other local directories is also very necessary for a fast growth in business. The details should be specific and easily findable.


Create a Face book and twitter page

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

A personal Facebook page for your business will give a boost to the growth. It is because of the millions of viewers of both Facebook and twitter. These are places where people can follow the particular pages and thus get updates easily of any new upcoming product or offer. These sites also spread the news very quickly through the help of social networking. A twitter page works almost similarly as a Facebook page and the status update can be used to promote newly launched products. These provide a very good two way communication channel, which is also very fast and self-advertising.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

Get the business located

Along with a twitter and Facebook account, Google maps can also be used to draw attention of the customers. By getting the exact location of the business, customers easily build up trust in the business.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

The whole procedure should not take more than three weeks. Once setup perfectly, there is not much work left to do. Regular updates and quick offers increase the interest of the customers. You can also easily monitor the growth through “like” and “recommend” feature in Facebook. In short it is the cheapest and fastest way to develop a web presence.

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