How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

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How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

The concept of social networking has been developed about a decade ago. It was meant to bring people from different parts of the world together, share their interests, and communicate with each other in a sophisticated way. Until recently, business professionals and managers have incorporated the idea of integrating their businesses with some of these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. These sites are visited by millions of people every day, and if their business is promoted through them, it guarantees a better chance that more people will visit their website on the basis of common interests. Thus, social media has a great potential towards improving online business statistics.

How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

Different ways of integrating social media are –

  • Advertising

It is particularly useful if it is for promoting an online business. Facebook provides a unique way of targeting specific users. Facebook allows its users to share their interests with the world. If their interests and your website content match, the page will be recommended in the advertisement section.

  • Writing blogs

By blogging, you can post useful content and information in your website. If the information is useful, several people will visit your website, increasing its network traffic. It is also important to tag the blog posts with certain keywords so they are available with Google search. Blogs can also be used to promote products and items. One popular blogging service is WordPress.

  • Driving audience

For making a website popular, it is required that customers already visited your page, recommend it to their friends. This can be done on social media sites like Yelp, where you can create your business listing, and the satisfied people can write reviews about your products and services.

  • Micro blogging

This is more commonly known as Tweeting. You can use twitter accounts to follow your customers, and give out notices about new deals and offers for businesses, or new content updates for websites. You can also locate people who show interest in your website.

  • Social Bookmarking

If your website contains information on different fields of interest, you can satisfy people by allowing them to see only that content which they are interested it. Social bookmarking enables to remember content viewed and liked by a user, which is used to rank the content according to user liking. This can also help you improve the quality of your posts, and know what people are actually interested it.

  • Integrating applications

Many social media sites allow their widget integration into a website, for example, the “Like” or the “Tweet” button. Users can share the content with their friends, and they will visit your website if they find it relevant. This helps to popularize and expand business.

Social Networking is a strong tool by which online businesses can flourish. It requires you to create social profiles in those sites which you think is required for improving your website statistics. It is required that you have a purpose in mind, for which you will use the social media, and post about items which people think to be important and relevant. Scheduling of using social networks is essential as it will restrict your social media from wasting your time, while posting and responding to customers at a certain time of the day. As social sites can be fun and entertaining, it is required to keep focused on your goals and objectives.

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