How search engines and back links work?

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How search engines and back links work?

The main motive of all website owners is to attract visitors to their website. Apart from the offline methods of popularizing the website, it can be publicized through the World Wide Web as well. This is where search engines become extremely important as it can redirect a lot of its visitors to your website. However, in order for to happen, a few techniques must be implemented, one of which is back links.

How does search engines work?

Search engines have a very simple philosophy: everything on the Internet is comprised of tags and keywords. It crawls through every website and extracts the keywords, and whenever the user searches based on a keyword, it presents the results based on the keywords and ranks the results according to the popularity or most unique clicks.

What are back links?

Back links are basically links of your website that is put in other web pages, such as blogs, other websites, etc. Mostly they are in the form of anchor text, where the link resides in a text, and users are redirected to the website when they click on the text.

How do back links help?

Back links brings you users from different sources, and increases the popularity of your website in the search engine ranking system. This has a two-way advantage, as it brings direct customers to your website, and facilitates more visitors through a better web ranking.

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