How Microsoft Bing is performing against Google Search

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How Microsoft Bing is performing against Google Search


Bing is a web search engine launched by Microsoft on May 28, 2009.For the past few months there are number of articles and blog posts discussing Bing and whether or not it can dethrone Google. In the month of July both Microsoft and Yahoo joined hand in hand to work together to bring down Google search engine, the world’s most preferred search engine for which Google openly accused Microsoft of stealing Google’s technology in order to popularise its own search technology. Though Google is still the favourite search engine of many throughout the world it is gradually losing market share to Microsoft. Within a span of few months Microsoft sites have seen an increase of 0.28 per cent in the market share. Google is really worried with the Microsoft Bing’s rise to popularity though they publicly deny it. So for the first time Microsoft Bing is giving Google sleepless nights.


According to some recent survey, Bing’s search engine queries have improved in the past few months. By January 2011 the market share of Bing has increased to 12.8%.

Bing’s power searches have a greater success rate compared to Google. According to the data provided by a digital technology and service provider Efficient Frontier, Bing’s search engine gives better return to investment. The ROI for ads placed with Bing increased 10% year over year whereas The ROI for ads in Google had decreased by 12%.

Google’s cost per click was up 11% year over year whereas Bing’s increased by 4%.Due to its lower cost marketing Bing is more popular search engine.

In the U.K Bing is currently the fastest growing search engine as per the reports of Experian Hit wise.

From October 2010 there is a rise in the popularity of Bing compared to Google search. In fact Bing surpassed Google and claimed number one post for some time.

Bing is performing very well and many people are satisfied with its result. There is no missing links or significant deficiencies in the Bing search, but still people found Google results are better.

Microsoft has invested substantially in last October and entered into a partnership with the social networking site “Facebook” to promote Bing.

Microsoft Bing and Google search work more or less in a similar manner. In both cases if one types some key words they give same web results. But still many people prefer to search through Google and believe that it works pretty well like before. In a month about seven billion or two- third of all US searches are carried out by Google. Microsoft has less than 10% of the market share. Still 90% of the searches in UK are done through Google and in spite of all its efforts; Microsoft has to go a long way to make Bing a tough competitor for Google search .As of now Bing is not a Google killer.

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