How Mails Are Encrypted Before They Are Sent

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How Mails Are Encrypted Before They Are Sent

With the advancement of the Internet as a global media it has become a centre for various activities starting from gathering various types of information to sharing and receiving data. Data that are sent through internet are of two types: private and public data. When we want to send or receive our public data we don’t need to take care of its privacy, but in case of private data we require high security in our data transaction to prevent any third party from accessing the data without prior permission. So here comes the importance of encryption and decryption in all kinds of private data transaction that takes place via internet.

What is encryption

Encryption is a technique in which a plain text in modified to some other text known as cipher text by using some encryption algorithm. So it protects the data from private access. As this data is transmitted over net and if any third person gets access to this cipher text he or she will not be able to access the data as it is in encrypted form. One need to decrypt the cipher text to retrieve the data in original form and this permission is grated to only authentic owners of the private.

Mailing and encryption

Today most of the private data that we send via the Internet is through email. Here, a file is first attached to the mail and sent to the desired destination. We need to have some encryption technique to protect and secure our private data, so that it does not go into wrong hands. To overcome this problem, first encryption of data in the mail is done then it is sent to the desired destination where it is again decrypted to get the original text.

How Mails Are Encrypted Before They Are Sent

There are two different approaches which we can adopt to protect our data while sending an e-mail. They are:

Indigenous encryption provided by the mail server

The various mail services that we use like Gmail, Yahoo, windows live etc have some inherited encryption scheme that one can use while sending private data via mail. In this procedure, before sending the mail one has to activate “encrypt and mail” service. Now the web server will first encrypt the data in the mail by using some encryption algorithm which is unknown to the user.  Then in the desired destination the same version of decryption algorithm will be used by the server to decrypt the text in the mail.

How Mails Are Encrypted Before They Are Sent

External encryption

Indigenous encryption are generally not very strong and can be very easily hacked, so its better if one uses some other encryption technique externally to encrypt the mail and then send it by using the Indigenous encryption provided by the mail server. Then again in destination site, first the server will perform the decryption then the user will externally apply the same version of decryption algorithm to get the desired text. So two levels encryption and decryption is done which leads to very high level security of the data.


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