How Google search got redefined with the “search plus your world” concept

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How Google search got redefined with the “search plus your world” concept

Google has made itself a giant in the world of search engine. It is synonymous to online search. If you are looking for anything on the web you can look for it on Google. It is a search engine that delivers every time on anything and everything that you my even think of looking for on the web. If it is on web it is on Google. But all said Google has numerous things that the other search engines lack and are not able to deliver.

How Google search got redefined with the "search plus your world" concept

Still the good thing about Google and its founders are that they are not complacent thanks to the competition from other web mammoths such as Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. These sites are now fiercely competing to make things brighter for themselves. Google for long had strived to make its search engine a personalized application however it had failed since it lacked one huge and important stair case on its way to glory. That is a strong social networking website.

The Google Plus the newly launched Google’s social networking website has provided Google with that extra edge that the search engine giant was looking for over the years. Facebook has channelized the small searches that the users make and its algorithm has already made ripples across the internet.

Google did not want to get left behind in the race. Once it has established itself in the market of social networking with the help of Google plus it has now started targeting the search engine to take the next big step with the idea of personalized search. Search plus your world is the new

Google search feature that would aid the customers and users of the Google search engine to have search results oriented to their tastes. The personalized search has been there for Google for a good amount of time but the new feature of search plus your world has helped Google to take a leap further. It is as if someone there for you, knowing about your likings and displaying results for you that you are more likely to search.

The search would include personal search, profile search, people and pages. These searches revolve around your own persona which is the most important aspect. All these elements make the search plus your world.

How Google search got redefined with the "search plus your world" concept

The Google plus would be dynamically integrated with the search of Google. It would help the user to make a search and find things where the user himself or herself has a tag to his or her name. It is an exciting concept even when we think of it. But the users have to be logged on as a user of Google plus. This in a way helps Google to popularize its search and make it useful for the user. The users would find the search more centered around him that is why the system derives its name as the search your world. The results of your search would display things which would make the user as a central point. The person who is a Google plus user is more likely to share views post photos or get himself tagged in it. The search would be so designed that the search would revolve around such objects where the user is involved.

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