Hosting With B2evolution

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Hosting With B2evolution

B2 evolution is one of the low cost web hosting services which can be installed for free. It has access to several web master resources such as links to additional website resources, articles, soft ware documentation, user support forums, and software down loads among others. B2 evolution is the best comprehensive blog engine an individual would prefer because it generates web pages dynamically from the MySQL database therefore, it can be rebuilt. It contains several features one could expect from a blog tool. Below are some of the features of Be2evolution.

B2evolution blog for average bloggers is a web log tool or a soft ware which allows an individual to run news feeds and blogs. B2evolution does the same thing as but the only differences are, it is free and it can be re-installed for free. It also runs on your own website. Other features B2evolution contain include; – file up load, sub categories, multiple categories, extended posts, quick and draft publishing, atom feeds, sidebar blogging, blog with a desktop client and automatic pinging of blog directories among others. Actually B2evolution contains a lot of features as compared to an average blog tool.

B2evolution has a blog for blogging newbie, this is where an individual types something in a form and clicks on blog this, and then what you want appears on the website pages which are
generated dynamically. The posts are arranged automatically by date in the template that have been selected and can be customized. It is also possible to browse through the archives using advanced search. The website readers can leave comments on an individual’s post. These posts are also displayed below the owner’s original test automatically and by date.

B2evolution just requires an individual just to type anything in the web interface, click blog this and it comes on his site. There is totally no rebuilding because one can also blog by sending an e-mail or MMS or by using a client tool such. B2evolution has blog skins which provide different presentations for the blog; you can change the look whenever you would like to without deleting your layout when designing your site, and you need to provide your readers with a selection switch. B2evolution has antispam deluxe which helps in getting rid of referrer and comment spam thanks to community maintained spam database.

Be2evolution has localized in many different languages. It is already available in Chinese, Dutch, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Spanish and Swedish. Its advantage is that it is quite very easy to translate in ones own language. B2evolution provides for multiple blogs. For example if you want 4 or even 99 different blogs on your site, you don’t need to install the software repeatedly. What you can do is to display each B2evolution blog on its own page or display them on one page. Each B2evolution has its own users therefore; one can just restrict read access on particular posts. Each B2evolution blog can be divided into several categories in order to organize the posts and news items by theme. This enables each post to be assigned multiple categories.

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