Green Web hosting

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Green Web hosting

Hi all,

In today’s world, green is the way to go if you are looking for global recognition. People are now concerned about the environment and are taking adequate steps in order to protect it, and prevent further damage. The world of Information Technology, especially web hosting is also a part of it.

We have often heard people say that there is no end of information. And, with the trend of digitizing each and every information in various formats, the need to store them has led us to run servers with huge memory space and fast processors. However, such servers consume a lot of power, and thus have a direct impact on the environment. In case of website hosting, servers are known to be use up a lot of power. Thus, the concept of green web hosting grew!

Green web hosting is a new concept wherein web-hosting companies would take up their social responsibility of conserving energy. Generally servers are kept in fireproof, flood-proof, electrically insulated environments, which happen to consume a lot of energy. Thus, the process of website hosting has a great impact on the environmental resources! However, with this new concept, now we will have sustainable websites run on servers that would take initiatives in carbon offsetting, and specifically use renewable sources of energy to satisfy its needs.

Some web servers are already known to run on solar as well as wind powers, and according to the statistics, they have been working as efficiently as they used to when conventional sources of energy were used. These web-hosting techniques are committed to the social change, and thus help in making the web world a sustainable place! There are other ways to address the environmental concerns. Even if it is not possible to make the web-hosting technique completely carbon-free, its effect can be neutralized by planting trees for each website that is hosted. This might seem simple, but it helps in denting future impacts on the environment.

Another aspect that most green web hosting companies take care of is reduction of the environmental footprint. Certain simple measures can be taken in order to serve the purpose.

1. Web-hosting companies can use servers that are energy-efficient. Energy saved is as good as energy produced. Thus, green web-hosting companies should look for energy-saving servers only.

2. Generators are used to provide backup to servers. Generally, diesel generators are used everywhere. However, green companies who promise to provide sustainable websites should be using propane gas generators instead.

3. Such companies should also be able to recycle their resources. A green web-hosting company should ideally generate its own energy through renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind energy. Even the offices of such companies must run on solar energy too.

Green Web-hosting is the new direction of future web hosting. With more and more people joining the World Wide Web, the need to store more information will increase exponentially. Unless, all web-hosting companies own such green business techniques, it is difficult to provide such huge amount of energy!

BounceWeb is proud to say we are a Green Web Host with great Green Web Hosting. We take the enviroment very seriously and run our servers on 100% solar and wind power.

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