Google play: Adding flavors to the taste of Android

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Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

We always need a complete package of all the media of entertainment with less efforts and more efficiency, which recreates our tired mind by providing us many options like music, movies, books and apps . And So here we go…… “Google Play”. It is a digital destination of entertainment on the web and on our Android phone or tablet where one can find, share, enjoy music, movies, eBooks, applications and much more. Basically, it is a service that combines the collection of Google Music, Movies, eBooks, and apps in one complete entertainment hub. It doesn’t  only facilitate the users to purchase music, movies, books, and applications at, but also to  store  in the cloud because it is cloud based. So it will not eat up the storage of  the computer, tablet or phone  of the users. The users will also be able to enjoy it on their Android phones or Tablet using the different application of Google play.

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Also for non- Android users

It has got an important feature that any Google user can take its cloud-based content management  advantage by just having a Google account, even though Google Play is heavily marketed to Android users. So, users can upload and purchase music, rent movies, and buy books on one system but can access it all on any of the system such as laptop or desktop with its huge storage facility on its cloud which lacks in some cloud-based portals like apple store or

Android redefines

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

After the launch of Google Play, the market of Android, Google eBooks store and Google Music has become part of Google Play. The users of  Android phone or tablet, can upgrade the Android Market apps at the store of Google Play in fore coming days. The videos, music apps, movies and books will also be upgraded as Google play music, Google Play movies, Google play eBooks apps, which will be available to the users at Google Play only just by logging in with Google account. The Strategy of Google is to Emphasize  on the access of Google content on any computer with a latest compatible browser  and not only just on Android devices.

With Google Play we can…

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Buy millions of new musical tracks and can Store up to 20,000 songs for free.

Watch thousands of our favorite movies by renting them, including latest  releases and High definition(HD) titles.

Access Google Play even if one is not an Android User.

Download just more than 450,000 games and  Android apps.

Browse and read the world’s largest collection and selection of eBooks

Store enormous data on the cloud, no need of the computer space.

Also enjoy the New Google Plus integration with Google Play( After some days).

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Previously, there was nothing about process of purchasing music, Skimming through eBooks, and renting movies which required a user interested to own a device of Android. After a long wait, finally Google has replenished Android with the exciting features of Google Play. This new step is definitely going to  take Android at  the pinnacle of the leading cyber and cell market.

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