Get The Best Sleep: Part 3

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This is the last part on how to get the best sleep. I hope you enjoyed this, and your mind, body and soul thanks you.

Best Sleep Tip #1: Keep a regular wake and sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, even on the weekends. This might be tricky and hard because not too many people can sleep on time when it comes to weekends, but your body clock and body will thank you for this. If you sleep from 12:00AM to 8:00AM everyday, then on Friday night you sleep at 4:00AM because and wake up at 12:00PM (getting 8 hours of sleep), your body does not heal as well because it was over exhausted by staying up til 4:00AM! Then on Monday it’s agony again when you have to go back to work.

Best Sleep Tip #2: Don’t eat anything heavy before bedtime. It might be tempting to eat the last 5 pieces of delicious double chocolate fudge topped off with whip cream cake, and it will probably put you to sleep even if you aren’t tired, but it won’t help you with your sleep at all as the food will turn into energy, get you jumpy (sugars!), and lower your quality of sleep.

Best Sleep Tip #3: Develop a sleep routine. Events always trigger events. For example if you see a hungry lion running towards you (first event), you will then respond by running for your life or climbing up a tree/building/rhino (second event). How about if you had a sleep ritual, such as listening to some ocean waves while stretching (event 1), and then going to sleep after (event 2), if you kept on doing this on a nightly basis then it will eventually become habitual, and when you do the first event, the second will follow.

Here’s to your sleep!

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