Get The Best Sleep: Part 2

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There’s more to getting the best sleep. Here is part 2 on tips for getting the best sleep.

Best Sleep Tip #1: Make sure your bed is big enough, and comfortable. Naturally we move around quite a bit when we sleep, so make sure you have room so you don’t hang your arms and legs over and cut off circulation.

Best Sleep Tip #2: Pillows, blankets and sheets should be optimal for you. Invest in these items, make sure the fabric is soft, the pillow is made for your style of sleep, for example back sleepers and side sleepers need different pillows. Also blankets are different, some are for people who like to sleep warm, some are for people who like to sleep cool.

Best Sleep Tip #3: Your room should be quiet and dark when you sleep. You could also put some ambient noise such as static from a radio to drown out noise form the outside if needed.

Best Sleep Tip #4: Only sleep on your bed. Don’t study there, don’t eat there, don’t associate your bed with anything but sleep.

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