Get The Best Sleep: Part 1

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Without doubt sleep is very important, so lets make an effort to get the best sleep. We need sleep to heal, rest, energize, and function during the day.

Best Sleep Tip #1: Exercise during the day. All your need is 30 minutes a day to sleep better. When you do exercise make sure you do not do it 2 hours of less prior to your sleep or you may have trouble falling asleep.

Best Sleep Tip #2: Make sure you get enough light (mainly sunlight) during the day to help sleep during the night. This will help our internal body clock determine the production of melatonin and keep us awake during the day so we can rest better at night.

Best Sleep Tip #3: Try not to nap during the day, or if you have to nap, then do you best to do it early afternoon, and keep them around 20 minutes, give or take a few minutes. This rule applies especially to those who have trouble sleeping at night.

Best Sleep Tip #4: Don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and have caffeine 2-4 hours prior to sleeping. Cigarettes contain the stimulant nicotine, and can keep you awake. Alcohol will help you sleep to begin with, but the overall quality of sleep is reduced due to to it, so your body, mind and spirit will not be rested well. Caffeine is also a stimulant, and it’s proven to “wake you up” 10-20 minutes after taking it.

Of course, if you have serious sleeping problems consult a doctor. More sleeping tips to come, but for now, sleep well!

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