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To all wannabe geeky gamers, the word is out. The top five all time favourite strategy games have been listed. The best part of it, they can be obtained for free, Yes, free! from various sites across the web. Roll in your tongue, Bob, you are about to be hit in the face with the wettest, coolest piece of classic strategy games ever!!!

KKND Krossfire

Krazy stuff! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, where three main races: Humans, Bots and Mutants battle it out for resource supremacy, you are bound to have endless hours of fun. One can play as any of the three races. Although overall gameplay gets sort of monotonous after a few battles, it still kicks A**!!

Civilisation II Gold Edition

Civilisation – The game that took strategy to a new level. Add that to more complex gameplay, interesting scenatios better A.I and you have a game worth spending hours on. Great!! – The graphics are a bit down but we understand seeing as it was developed in a foregone millenium.

Dune II

Set from the Sci-fi book of the same name, Dune II boasts an impressive array of options. It’s a bit slow in initial gameplay development but once the ball starts rolling, the action won’t stop – Coool! Graphics are so down that they would make a caveman cry but who cares, we are here for the gameplay, not for the eye candy – Superb!

UFO – Enemy Unknown

Aliens invade Earth. An organisation is formed to fight back. Do research, develop and craft weapons to fight back. Aliens, UFOs, mind control, super-advanced technology – a geek’s wet dream come true – plus, it’s a turn based game meaning you get to lay it as you like it. Wicked!!


Netstorm – What can I say, I invested a big portion of my life in the game and it still attracts me. It’s all about battling for supremacy amid flying islands. It’s got as much strategy as chess and enough gameplay action to whet anyone’s appetite. I must warn you though, the exhilirating feeling of triumph one gets after a netstorm battle can be quite addictive. Go ahead, Take a whiff, Game junkie. Come get some!

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