Future of Online Advertising

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Future of Online Advertising

The advertising world has seen all the ups and downs in the market of recession when the global trends were nose diving. The classic bill board advertisements are still there and would perhaps always be in some developing countries but in reality the advertising world has moved far ahead of bill boards. The present mode of advertising involves the telemarketing methods along with various digital media advertisements that are easy to conceive and has better hit in the long run.

Future of Online Advertising


When it comes to marketing for the products on the web the advertisers have tried to woo the customers by virtually getting in their bedroom while trying to showcase their products. The online media now takes the maximum spot light when it comes to digital advertising.

The classic methods of advertisements such as the ones on the newspapers on streets and in any other place where we may happen to see one such rare advertisement of any product is something that would gradually disappear in future. The online advertising industry already occupies a large chunk of the total industry. For instance we can see the enormous amount of revenue that Google generates by just advertising in its products and searches.

During search a list of advertisements are showcased in the Google page which may catch the eye of the client more easily and the potential customer may even click on one of the links so as to explore the product that is being showcased in the Google page.

This is not misdirection, since it is not part of the search but is directly related to the tastes of the customer who may be interested in similar products for what he may have searched on the internet. However the search advertisement is only one way of how the future advertisers may focus upon the whole industry. You may keep it in mind that the search advertisement is not the online advertisement industry but it is a just a part of it. There is a whole lot more to the concept.

There is a small pool of searches that may directly take you to an ad page or show its link flashing upon the first pagination. The over aggressive stance of advertising lets a firm down by a considerable amount and this can be understood by the failure of Google’s search advertisement in France.

Future of Online Advertising

Apart from search the various ad that we may come across the web in future would involve the ones directly linking our mails and social networks. The social networking website invariably the Facebook makes a huge amount only by hosting the advertisement pages on its website. This is a cue from which the future investors can take the direction where they would like to invest their money in order to get a greater return for the value invested. Email marketing has been a thing which has received more brickbat than what it has done for the investors. The email marketing may be taken as one of the first online marketing strategies that were undertaken by the organizations. It is a better way to directly communicate with the customers and find your true clients who would persist. But the online marketing strategies that are incorporated by the firms should have a flexible side of it that would allow them the space to relax the stance with which they intend to enter the market.

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