FTP User Guidelines and Advantages

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FTP User Guidelines and Advantages

File Transfer Protocol also abbreviated as FTP is a method used for downloading and uploading files from websites. It is used for logging in to a website to download or upload files. It is also used for the transfer of files though the internet and is followed as it is a very convenient and speedy procedure. In older systems with DOS as operating system FTP is accessed using command prompt while in latest systems menus are used and all the steps are clearly mentioned. This protocol is a standard one used by most users. It is also essential to web site builders.

FTP User Guidelines and Advantages

Categories of FTP

The software packages that FTP comes with are FTP Explorer, Cute FTP and Elite FTP. From the above three mentioned package Cute FTP is the best one. As it has many functions and its usage is very convenient, it has been licensed and one need s to register for it while Elite FTP and FTP explorer are freeware and can be downloaded from the internet. Elite FTP might not work properly in few web servers.

Even secure FTP services are available on the internet so that one’s computer doesn’t get affected by malware and spyware.

FTP User Guidelines and Advantages

FTP Usage

For accessing FTP services one has to fist download the file from the internet and Smart FTP is used widely. Upon launching the program at first a screen appears which is called the startup screen where one can add his/her personal information. The basic details required are profile name, host type, host address, user id as well as a password.

Mechanism of File Transfer

Double click on the files to check its content. For transferring a file click on it twice or highlight it and select the option of file transfer. Multiple files can also be downloaded by selecting them but it should be ensured that they are in the same modes.

FTP User Guidelines and Advantages

Commands used in FTP

The basic commands or file permissions used are read, write, execute and none. Number 4 or r can be used for enabling read permission. 2 and w are used for enabling write. Letter 1 or x enable execute permission and none is enabled using zero.

FTP User Guidelines and Advantages

Advantages of FTP

Compared to standard HTTP downloads FTP provides a very much high speed which is its major advantage. Its interface is user friendly as one can drag the files and then drop them in order to download or upload them. It had many more added features like TSL support; SSL, queuing utility and many features for back up too. These reasons are the basis for stating the use of a FTP client in order to host a website. Cute FTP is highly recommended by experts as it ensures easier, faster and safer downloads.

For a user who is taking care of his own website it is essential that he uses a very good FTP program as it provides a lot of flexibility and independence while controlling the files and ensuring a safer connection and protecting one’s computer.

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