Four CSS tricks for your website!

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Four CSS tricks for your website!

CSS is now an indispensable part of the web designing process. Its unique feature that maintains the content and the design separately has helped in manipulating either without affecting the other. Moreover, its vast range of functions has helped the web designers in creating simple, fast and unique layouts. However, there are a few tricks that can optimize the look of your website design, some of which are discussed here

The text-transform command

It is generally underused considering its utility. There are three possible options: uppercase, lowercase and capitalize which changes the text into capital letters, small letters and changes the first letter to capital respectively.

3-D effects on hovering

Contrary to the general belief, small 3-D effects like pushdown and push-up effects can be created by using the element and the hover property of the element in different context.

Different CSS for different media types

Web designers can create separate CSS files for different media types like PC, printer, mobile and PDAs, thus reaching out to all types of visitors without major design bottlenecks.

Rendering text using CSS

Effects like gradient text and glossy text can be done with CSS alone and does not need any image manipulation software.

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