Five Things To Do To Ensure Green Hosting

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Five Things To Do To Ensure Green Hosting

Green hosting can be described as an eco-friendly addition in the field of hosting where a website actually tries to prove that in the attempt to lure customers they are not having any negative impact on the customers.  It is a revolutionary technology involving renewable sources of energy to power data centres.  The main intention of green hosting is to stop the emission of carbon by the different web hosting providers into the environment. Web hosts can go green by using servers which use renewable energy and purchasing a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) or a carbon credit. With this, the web hosting can go green by using energy efficient electric appliances, planting trees and by using less paper work.


Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s)

Service providers take innumerable actions for green hosting, the most common one being earning renewable energy credits. Every green hosting company should purchase RECs as it certifies that the company has purchased renewable sources of energy from an electrical company.  Though the green hosting company directly may not use the renewable energy but this effort causes reduction of carbon emissions and dependence on non-renewable energy source.

Offsetting carbon usage

Web hosting companies should get their site certified by a carbon dioxide status site which negates the effect of the site to the environment.  These companies help by increasing the energy efficiency by contributing to a program which removes the effect of the green house gases from the atmosphere. We can also promote green hosting by offering eco-incentive to visitors to the site.



Less Energy Consumption

There exist many a green hosting firms which take active measures to reduce their daily energy consumption. This can usually be done in office environment by using fewer computers and other appliances. This can be done by using solar energy in some part of the office and totally eliminating the use of paper which can be easily done in today’s technical world through emails and the use of internet. The data centres can also upgrade their server and rely more on propane gas than on petrol or diesel. Electronic security systems and the internet connections need a major amount of energy so companies may devise their own method to generate renewable source of energy.

Encouraging Green Lifestyle Changes

The website or blog maybe about any random topic but we can always ensure that it has information for the users to use their computer efficiently so that they reduce the effect on the environment. Simplifying the site by using images with low resolution and uploading files of small size also decreases loading time thereby reducing the energy consumption. Site designing with white space also consumes less energy compared to other colours. There are many green hosting sites which offer printer friendly content that uses less paper.

Speeding up Site

Slow sites consume more time as well energy than the search engines.  The more time the users spend waiting for the server to upload more energy is consumed adding onto the negative effect for the environment. Green hosting firm should adopt ways to speed up the sites and blogs.

All these efforts will not bring about green hosting in one day but these efforts to improve the environment will be appreciated and the impact will be significant to reduce the carbon emissions.

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