Five reasons why you should go for Linux based web hosting!

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Five reasons why you should go for Linux based web hosting!

In most cases, the criteria for choosing a good web hosting service is based on the space it provides, the speed, uptime guarantee and number of mailboxes. However, what most of us miss is what operating system is used by the web hosting server. This decision generally differs from website to website, depending on the requirements. The most popular of them is however the Linux based web hosting, due to its reliability and flawless security!

Here, we give you five most irresistible reasons why you should opt for Linux based hosting

It’s a free and open source product

There is no licensing fees, or fears of copyright issues. You can download files, use them and modify them according to your requirements.

Linux is stable and secure

It is compact file system would never let you down and most Linux-based servers run without any server glitches.

It is compatible with most databases, scripting softwares

Web scripting languages like PHP, Python and Perl; and databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and mSQL are supported by Linux.

Linux gives you unmatched flexibility and interoperability

There is always a possibility of communicating with servers that do not operate on Linux. Even in those cases, Linux throws up no issues.

It is extremely cost-effective

It is available free of cost, so are most of the application programs required for server maintenance. Therefore, the total cost of running a web hosting service is severely reduced.

BounceWeb provides extremely reliable Linux based Web hosting.

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