Five great tools of the Web 2.0

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Five great tools of the Web 2.0

When the term Web 2.0 was termed by Tim O’Reilly in a conference in 2004, he meant it as a philosophy, a concept that would enhance the sharing of information, collaboration and user-centric web designs. In the next few years, certain tools and applications were developed, which held the true spirit of Web 2.0. Here, we list five great tools of the Web 2.0 that have changed the World Wide Web.

1. XML and RSS

It is syndication of website content, with the help of strict protocols, and can be used by the users for other purposes as well.

2. Special protocols for social networking

Protocols like XFN and FOAF are made for enhanced interoperability between social networking sites and other websites.

3. Ajax

This application has been used by most websites to make it more interactive and facilitating the server work to be done in the background.

4. Blogs

This tool has let users express themselves, share information and promote their agenda without on the Web without the need to buy web-hosting space.

5. Wiki

It is tool that facilitates easy building of interlinked web pages for different purposes, such as knowledge sharing, community websites, corporate networking and many more.

With each passing day, more and more tools are being developed on the lines of Web 2.0, which are extremely innovative and useful!

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